Program Development

Developing Novel Treatments Through Microbiome Testing

Creating Microbial-Based Products To Treat Mental Illness

Taylored Biotherapeutics is a platform company researching and developing novel treatments for a variety of mental illnesses. Our research has found a significant association between the health of the brain and the gut microbiome, allowing us to tailor treatments for different illnesses.

Taylored Biotherapeutics is a neuroscience led company informed by some of the only clinical fecal transplant studies for mental illness in the world. This has supported a precision medicine approach to developing microbial therapeutics.

Current Pipeline

Product Name Safety and Efficacy Testing Bacterial Tracing Characterization Prototype Development Phase I
TBIBipDep-01 Completed Completed Completed Protocol Development
TBIDepression-02 Ongoing.
Anticipated end date: Q3 2023
Planned Planned Protocol Development
TBIOCD-03 Ongoing.
Anticipated end date: Q2 2023
Planned Planned Protocol Development
Data has been accrued in our developmental biobank for ADHD, Dementia, and Psychosis

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Researchers at Taylor Lab are discovering how the human microbiome impacts mental health.