About Taylored Biotherapeutics

Taylored Biotherapeutics

Prioritizing Patient-Informed Precision Medicine

At Taylored Biotherapeutics, we are dedicated to the study of the microbiome in order to harness and treat a variety of mental health issues. We take a human first, patient-informed approach as we create, and improve the treatments available for those with psychiatric conditions.

Our Mission

We believe that understanding the bacteria in your digestive system, the human microbiome, holds tremendous potential for diagnosing and treating various psychiatric conditions.

Work from our clinical trials examining the effect of fecal transplant to treat depression indicated that targeting the microbiome results in substantial and sustained clinical improvement and is essentially side-effect free.

We are using sophisticated scientific technologies and machine learning approaches to identify, grow and package the bacteria causing these positive changes to develop new treatments for mental illness.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Valerie Taylor

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Asem Bala MSc

Chief Operating Officer

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Surette

Dr. Michael G. Surette is Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, and Canada Research Chair in Interdisciplinary Microbiome Research in the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute, and Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research at McMaster University. 

Dr. Prameet Sheth

Dr. Prameet Sheth is an Associate Professor and director of a microbiome research program at Queen’s University with a focus on innovation and drug discovery in the microbiome.

Dr. Alison Holloway

Dr. Holloway is a Professor of Toxicology at McMaster University. Her research is focused on examining the mechanisms by which chemical insults in fetal or adult life can cause metabolic endocrine disruption in animal and human populations.

Our Business Advisory Board

Dr. Chen Fong

Dr. Chen Fong has supported many entrepreneurs, helping to turn their ideas into successful companies. 

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon is President Emerita and professor of geomatics engineering at the University of Calgary after serving as president and vice chancellor from July, 2010 until December, 2018. Prior to her term as president, Dr. Cannon served as Dean of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. 

Our Partners

Taylored Biotherapeutics brings together the scientific experience and know-how of the human gut microbiome with our unique approach to engineering live bacterial strains to treat complex mental health conditions.

This work has been informed by support from:


A company that provides proprietary AI to optimize the path to new drug development, accelerate clinical trials, mitigate placebo response, and redefine the landscape of how disorders are treated.

Innovate Calgary

An innovation company from the University of Calgary, providing resources, facilities, and guidance to new companies for the past 30 years. Innovate Calgary works with organizations like Taylored Biotherapeutics to foster entrepreneurship and help new discoveries grow.

National Research Council Canada

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) helps accelerate the grow of small to medium-sized businesses, providing organizations with a comprehensive suite of innovation services and funding.

The Weston Family Foundation

The Weston Family Foundation invests in innovation and learning in Health and Landscapes to deliver measurable impacts to the well-being of Canadians.

The Stanley Medical Research Institute

The Stanley Medical Research Institute (SMRI) is a nonprofit organization supporting research on the causes of, and treatments for, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Since it began in 1989, SMRI has supported more than $550 million in research in over 30 countries around the world.

See Our Lab

Researchers at Taylor Lab are discovering how the human microbiome impacts mental health.