Microbial Therapeutics
Improving Mental Health

Taylored Biotherapeutics is focused on unlocking new microbiome based targets to treat mental illness.


More Than Gut Feelings

Taylored Biotherapeutics is focused on developing safe and effective microbial-based therapies (psychobiotics) to treat mental illness. 

The link between your brain and your gut is more than a gut-feeling. It is a potential pathway to treat disease.

Academic Impact

Working with the world's leading neuroscientists, microbiologists and machine learning specialists; Taylored Biotherapeutics is leveraging up to date scientific knowledge to study the gut microbiome and to design bacterial biosystems that deliver live beneficial bacteria to the gut of patients with mental illness.

Our Work

Taylored Biotherapeutics combines expertise in clinical neuroscience with strength in the gut microbiome and machine-learning to translate science into solutions.

 Program Development

Taylored Biotherapeutics is at the forefront of microbiome testing and developing microbial based products that will treat a variety of conditions.

Gut-Brain Axis

We are focusing on using the gut-brain axis to improve life, and unlock new treatment options for individuals struggling with a variety of conditions.

Gut Microbiome

Every person has a unique microbiome made up of trillions of microbes which are both helpful, and potentially harmful.

Bacterial Biosystems

These are complete, living populations of bacteria which directly and indirectly interact with our overall health and mood.

See Our Lab

Researchers at Taylor Lab are discovering how the human microbiome impacts mental health.

Meet The Team

We are in the business of improving lives. We believe that understanding the human microbiome holds tremendous potential for diagnosing and treating various psychiatric conditions.

Dr. Valerie Taylor, MD, PhD
Founder & CEO

Dr. Valerie Taylor, MD, PhD, FRCP is a Professor and the Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Calgary and Head of Mental Health for the Calgary Zone.

Asem Bala, BDS, MSc, CCRP
Chief Operating Officer

Asem Bala has over 20 years of experience in Healthcare & Clinical Research Management, now working at Taylored Biotherapeutics to create partnerships and ensure regulatory approvals.

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